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Trying out some retrospective techniques

At the latest retrospective, I tried out a couple of new techniques which was fun and interesting, but I need to change a couple of things next time.

I started out with the team thermometer (by Jimmy Janlén). I used the five original questions which worked fine as conversation openers. I asked those with the lowest and the highest grade on the questions what made them give the grade, and found positives to keep and things to explore further. But next time I need to change the following:

  • Fewer people. Now I did the retrospective for two teams simultaneously, next time split it in two retrospectives.
  • The excel template provided did not work on Mac

Next I had a break and gave 5 minutes for own reflection to write down anything additional they wanted to address.

After that, we went through the issues. First we talked about the good things. Next about those that could get better. Then we dot-voted to get a priority. For the one that got the highest votes, we did the force field analysis.

With the force field analysis, I had an open discussion. But it would have been better to do it in groups. The groups discusses forces that drags us from the goal and forces that drags us towards the goal and then presents to the whole group.

Finally, dot-voting on the things that would drags us towards the goal and taking one or two as sprint improvements.

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