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Unsorted findings from JFokus 2011

Real vs. accidental complexity. Accidental complexity is for instance when we add speculative functionality, BDUF, or similar. The more complexity the harder to add or change functionality, the lower velocity on the team.

Git –

”We got to get the model right before we start coding.” No, modeling is learning and we will not get it right the first time. So if we think that the model is dine done the first time and start coding, what we really do is to build in the most amount of errors in the software. Eric Evans, DDD

Modeling and design is the quickest way to the goal.

A domain model is a system of abstractions representing selected aspects of the domain. Eric Evans

JBoss AS 6 starts in 20 seconds, JBoss AS 7 in 0,5 seconds.

Weld is the reference implementation of of CDI.

Java EE 6 works on Glassfish 3.1 and JBoss AS 6.0

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