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Top SOA tips – JFokus day 2

Top SOA Tips – A Road to a Successful SOA Implementation, a presentation from Jeff Genender. This was a very good presentation of things to have in mind when entering a SOA project.

Think big – start small

SOA Governance

Choose your weapons – and govern them

  • One tech/tool doesn’t solve all problems

Know thy basic SOA patterns

  • refcardz

Version early – version often

  • Backwards compatibility
  • Services must know which version they are and tell their surroundings

Be as asynchronous as possible

  • If not, risk of hanging threads

Watch your XML/soap use

Design with right granularity

  • Not too small or too large services

Point to point is bad

  • Results in push architecture instead of pull
  • You want a router instead to have greater flexibility

There is no right way

  • Trade-off between needs/technique/organisation

Every pattern is an anti-pattern somewhere else

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